Wow! I I only started following  the program a couple of months ago.  The results are amazing. Having a personal health coach to support me and help me through the process of implementing the changes in m life is a huge advantage. So many things about who I am and how I function and think finally make sense!  The new eating schedule has already made so much difference. I am slowly loosing weight without trying. I am  eating less
but I don't get hungry and don't have any cravings, or dips in energy any more and best of all i did not have to give up carbs.
I used to avoid them like a plague but I never really lost weight, felt hungry and irritable. It turns out  my body type actually needs them!  Can't wait to see the progress I will make in the months to come.   I've been so impressed that I signed up my husband and now even my 8 year old son! 

Julie, Auckland

From the first  time I was introduced to this amazing program, I knew this  was the perfect one. Personal coach at my finger tips -on my mobile, laptop, telephone!  All the correct foods for me body, when to eat, recipes, fitness - how and when to exercise, social interactions that work for me, that I am normal to hate the cold, the list goes on and on!  We are all unique and with this program we can live our best life. 

Sue, Auckland

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