You Are Unique...

At ACHIEVING WELLNESS we understand the bio-individuality of all our clients.

As Personalized Health Coaches we give that extra support you need  to achieve

your overall health goals- food, fitness, spirit, genius and environment.

We will take the guesswork out of food for good, and show you what's best for your genetic profile

when it comes to nutrition - no more fad diets.

You will find out  what exercise is best for you and what is the best time for it as

exercising at the wrong time could cause fluid retention, increased stress and weight gain.

Our program will teach you about your brain, its strengths and how to use it in the right way.

We can achieve this through the revolutionary new personalised health platform, 

which is designed for those who want to better understand themselves

and their health on a genetic, mental and physical level.


We would be honored and privileged to be part of your journey to the best life yet.



Your Personal Health Coaches

Sue du Bois

My Personal Health Journey to a Healthier & Happier Me

Achieving Wellness has been a long journey! I’m often asked

how I went from where I was to the person you see today.

It’s like most of us, I had a wake-up call and I went on a journey

of health, wellness and self-discovery.


Well it all started to set in just before turning 40! 
I went from overworked, overweight, depressed, exhausted to being happy, healthy and energised!  I lived my life never really realising how overweight or overstressed I really was.  I just did what I had to do every day until suddenly, seeing one bad photo, I realised how bad

I had let myself go.

Almost 2 years ago I started to feel, well, kind of crappy.

I was constantly tired, even after a long night’s sleep. I’d get random headaches, was irritable during the day, I felt foggy and sluggish, and couldn’t stay focused.  I spent hours on the couch with no energy to move with frequent trips to the A & E thinking I was having a

heart attack!  I had no desire to move my body or eat healthy. 

I knew I had to start with work on my mind, my emotions and then start with some sort of fitness and healthy eating plan or I would become very ill and not be there for my family or enjoy quality of life in the years to come.  I had tried everything under the sun in terms of diet!

Then something clicked. I’d been doing a lot of reading and researching and discovered some pretty incredible data.

Life-changing, really, so I started making changes—some small and some major and awesome things have happened.

What also made me realise that the responsibility is ours to be healthy and stay healthy as long as possible.


My goal now is to empower people to be proactive about their health.

Don’t wait until you are “sick” to do something about it.

I lead a pretty busy life with 2 young children trying to juggle being a Mom, a wife, work and looking after all our health.  I know what a challenge it can be and the toll it can take on our health if we don’t look after ourselves.  I love walking, animals, reading, spending time with family and friends is very important to me and so is looking after my

family’s and my own health and well-being.  I have become passionate about health and preventing disease and I want to offer wellness coaching to help others achieve their goals and unlock their

journey to wellness.


I am now a Personalised Health Coach and I have discovered

the answer to all confusion out there to live a healthy fulfilling

life and I want to share my journey and help others achieve maximum health!  I love learning about nutrition, the human body, mind and spirit, and I constantly study these subjects

via reading and workshops.  As a coach, my job is to help people change bad health habits into good ones that will last for the rest of their lives. 


I am dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain health

and wellness through reflexology, lifestyle and good nutrition.

​In health & Happiness


Your Personalised Health Coach

Dee Swan

Hi and thank's for stopping by.

I am Dee- mum of two, wife of one and a Health Coach here at Achieving Wellness.


My personal journey to Achieving Wellness and becoming a health coach came about because I lost my health and with it nearly everything that mattered to me.

It all started in my childhood. I was always sick and had hormonal issues very early on.  My parents only sought help of modern medicine practitioners and I ended up taking more meds than most elderly people do.  This damaged my health further and to make matters worse I was prescribed high hormone contraceptive pill at the age of 14. I left home when I  was 18 and I've stopped seeing doctors.  I have not lead particularly healthy lifestyle but strangely, 
I actually felt quite well for about 10 years.


After I became a mum at the age of 29 my body started to fail me and by the time I was 32 my adrenals were shot, I had terrible gut issues, my hormones were running the show, I had 3 serious surgeries,  

no energy and my immune system was so week that I picked up everything that went around. Needless to I also became deeply depressed.  I was forced to stop working and despite that being a patient and loving mum and partner was very difficult. Something had to change and fast! 


It took me 3 years of seeing Naturopaths, homeopaths and healers, learning about nutrition and how our bodies and mind work to put myself together.I learned the hard way that without health you have nothing. Now, 4 years on I am feeling better that ever and I finally know exactly what works for me.


Health is the most important thing and I am on a mission to help others to prevent disease, hormone related issues, weight problems and to dissolve the confusion around food and exercise.

I am over the moon that I have found a scientifically proven way to do this.  Our Personalized Heath Program and Coaching enables us to get to know your body and mind in ways that was not possible until only quite recently,  TRULY LIFE CHANGING STUFF! 

As Your Health Coach I will support you on your way to better health by helping you with understanding your body and mind, create achievable  health plan, set goals and targets and together we will work on developing better habits and shifting any limiting beliefs you may have when it comes to your heath and life.

With Love and Light


Your Personalised Health Coach

P.S. You don't have to be unwell to work with Achieving Wellness.The program is designed to help you know your body and mind inside out so you know how to prevent disease and stay youthful, vibrant, healthy and happy for many years to come.


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Alternatively we can work with you online or travel out to see you. 

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